A Tech Focused Non-Profit Grows with a Strong Training Program 

December 15, 2023

Business Challenge: 

SheTek, a non-profit organization committed to bolstering the representation of women in the technology industry, required an effective and robust learning solution to support their unique community. This community, driven by collaborations and partnerships, offers training, mentorship, and internships, culminating in job placements through SheTek Staffing Services. The challenge was to develop a flexible and meaningful program that not only provided a strong knowledge base, but ensured training was comprehensive, engaging, and translated to real-world applications that could be translated to job placements, particularly in the US and Canada. 

PamTen’s Solution: 

PamTen, using its “Collear” e-learning platform, stepped in to supply a holistic training solution tailored for SheTek. The training initiatives, which started several years ago and continue today, were developed and included: 

  • Job readiness webinars 
  • Data Curator Bootcamp 
  • Instructional Design Bootcamp 
  • Java Training Bootcamp 
  • IT recruiter Bootcamp 
  • Job Readiness Curriculum 

Each of these training bootcamps, which spanned 4 to 16 weeks, incorporated: 

  • Virtual web conferencing sessions with the instructor. 
  • Assignments and assessments to gauge learners’ knowledge retention. 
  • Training resources for in-depth topic comprehension. 
  • Timely attendance tracking mechanisms. 
  • Anonymous feedback surveys for continuous improvement of the training process. 
  • A platform for student group discussions. 

Business Benefits:  

  • Increased Placement Success: A notable number of participants secured relevant IT roles post-training, directly supporting SheTek’s mission to boost women’s representation in the tech industry. 
  • High Engagement Levels: Feedback scores, averaging around 90%, signified high engagement and the effectiveness of the training content. 
  • Testimonials as Validation: An influx of positive testimonials from attendees highlighted the added value, emphasizing the informative and immersive nature of the training. 
  • Continuous Improvement: The integration of anonymous feedback surveys provided actionable insights, allowing for consistent refinement and improvement of future training programs. 

Shetek continues to use Collear for all training programs and bootcamps.